Mari Ann’s Spider

tattoo being installed
Spider Tattoo Installation Procedure

I was looking through some photographs and I found this one of my girlfriend getting a new tattoo. I actually don’t really like the tattoo itself but like the photograph. I shot it on my Dad’s old 35mm Canon T1b on black and white film.

St. Louis Cardinals Party Suite

For the weekend after my birthday, I was taken to a St. Louis Cardinals game. If this wasn’t a big enough surprise, I found that we would be watching the game from one of their party suites. You can go out and watch the game in the shade or go inside and watch from the cool air conditioning. They give you a buffet in there of all you can eat Nachos, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Soda and Beer. I had more than my share of pretty much everything.




For my Birthday, my girlfriend got me a huge pack of Chocodiles shipped in. I have never had them before but was taken in by the allure of a Twinky coated with chocolate. I was not let down. I may develop a nasty case of “The Sugar” as a result. Only have a few left.