Smashing Pumpkins Concert in Chicago

On Friday, my brother and I went to a Smashing Pumpkins / Marilyn Manson concert in Chicago at the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion. I was there for the Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson was just part of the deal. Manson went on first. Actually, a guy who referred to himself as the, “go get your beer” performer went first and he was not great and had far more anger than actual talent. Manson put on a pretty good show and played all of the expected hits.

The second picture in the gallery above show a little girl at the show. She was with her parents right in front of me and this was not a show fit for a little girl to see. Nevertheless, I don’t think she was scarred for life or anything. Between the constant aroma of weed, Manson explicitly describing how he would defile an audience member, and the opening act yelling, “Cunt” over an over again, I think she had a fun and new experience. I was taken to see Pulp Fiction by my parents at the age of 10 and I really enjoyed the movie and don’t think it affected me negative at all. The parents of the girl would constantly make eye contact when something inappropriate would happen and I realized my parents used to do the same thing.

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When Billy (The Smashing Pumpkins) came out I was really excited to see a band I had been listening to for so long in my youth. The second song he played was Bullet with Butterfly wings and that really set the tone the rest of the performance. Toward the end he played an acoustic version of Disarm followed by a cover of Landslide. This was a great combo to break up a rock show and I really enjoyed that. After one of their songs, Jim Cornelison (sings at Blackhawks games) came out and did the National Anthem, then immediately after, the band came in with guitar. It was an unexpected sight to see.

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