Theater Riser

When my Girlfriend moved in, we added her couches to the theater room and moved the theater chairs back. I knew I needed a riser and it would take me several months to build it. To make the building of the riser easier, I used simple 2 x 6 lumber for the frame and filled it with cheap insulation to help soak up some sound. I topped it off with 3/4″ OSB to make sure I had enough strength for the 2″ lip I wanted.

I framed up the riser just like I would for building a wall with 16″ spacing and a top and bottom support beam. This way, I could use standard wall insulation, and I was sure it would be very strong to hold chairs and people. To attach the OSB sheets, I cut them to size and glued and screwed them to the boards so there would be no creaking for years to come.

I knew I would not be able to match the carpet to what we had there already so I went to a carpet store and bought a remnant that was completely different. For the trim, I actually used 1 x 6 select or better lumber. I tried to find the trim with the least knots and issues and you really can’t tell that is is not “trim quality.” To add just a bit more detail I also decided to attach some corner-round trim at the bottom. I stained it all with Min-wax gunstock oil stain and poly on top of that. The color is nice but a little more on the orange side than I wanted but I think it looks ok.

Theater – Photo 52 Project [Week 6]

Work took me to Jacksonville on Sunday for a server migration and when I was done I figured I might as well cruise around looking for a place to photograph. I have been in the frame of mind lately that if I am traveling at all to take a camera with me. A lot of my recent photos lately have been from outside Springfield. I found myself at the square and there was a really cool theater I had seen before on Illinois Stories.

I also happened upon the site of the former CR’s restaurant. My dad used to work there when it was called Burger Chef while he was back home from college. It then turned into CR’s and now it is closed. The inside is mostly gutted now with a rubber tote overflowing with rain. It is a sad site indeed. The pictures there were just depressing so I opted for the theater pic this week to move the project into a positive space after Week 5’s “Vice.”

I would really like to get out at some better times to get some of these photos. This was shot early afternoon on a cloudy day. I have nice even light but I would rather have caught this during magic hour with the lights turned on and a colorful sky off to the west but I have gotten into a routine of going out mid day on a weekend. Oh well, I have 46 more attempts ahead of me.