The Venture Bros. has been Canceled

This show was the best show, animated or otherwise, on TV. Period. The jokes are sometimes subtle but always amazing. A joke from season 7 might reference a line from season 1. The art/animation is unique and has only gotten better with each season. Anyone who likes vintage TV, bond films, superheros, comic books, or failure, will love this show.

I am used to waiting a few years between seasons but as long as the show was still being made I was content. Now, it appears, the show is canceled and the show may never get a proper ending. 

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Working with Copper, Go Team Venture!

V in Copper

I have been taking a Jewelry class and the first thing I made was a V from the Venture Brothers cut out from roofing copper. The V I cut out was actually the scrap and you can see where I cut into the piece to get my saw in. This is my first foray into metalworking of any kind and I am really liking it.

I am going to take the reverse of this V and solder it to another sheet of copper I will cut out, then tarnish for contrast. I have read that miracle grow works well to give it a green appearance.

Other than copper, I am now starting to work with silver. The stakes are a little higher with silver but things are looking good so far.