I have my first dog as an adult. I have been looking for a Labradoodle for what seems like a decade. Actually, I was more, “Keeping an eye out for one” rather than active searching. Last weekend my spontaneous girlfriend brought one home!

She and my brother were on a trip out of town for a winery tour and I was home alone for the weekend, or at least Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, Katie told me that they had stopped on the way and put a deposit down on a dog. I only 10% believed her. She really enjoys trolling people and in this case she was the girl who cried wolf.

I went our for brunch with my parents on Sunday and my girlfriend and brother beat me home. I was ready to give them shit about the dog being there when a cute little doodle came walking toward me in the hallway. My immediate thought was that she borrowed the dog from a friend to trick me. It soon sunk in that the dog was ours, and my life had changed just a little bit.

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