The Adventures of Rabbidos! -2016

On December 31st, 2015 a very dear friend and my new travel companion, Rabbidos, was born. He was born in an old shabby McDonald’s in Kentucky but I could tell from the start that he was destined for bigger and better things. He wouldn’t settle down, find a job, get married, have a couple of kids, and live out his years at that Mickey D’s like the rest of them. No, Rabbidos wanted to see the world and vowed he would get out of that dead end town.

I was on my way to celebrate the new year in Nashville, TN and Rabbidos convinced me to take him along for the ride. We set off and I somehow knew then that our travels had just begun.

How VR should be built and what it could mean

This is a really great talk about the possible future of VR. I just purchased an HTC Vive. I went with the Vive because it offered the most interaction and the most open platform. The Oculus Rift is owned by Facebook so that does not look like a great company to get behind for open software and the PlayStation VR is on a closed console. We have a long road ahead with better hardware and improved software to make the VR experience more meaningful in new ways.

Record Table

I made a table. You might have seen the rough cut piece of Honduran Mahogany I purchased in Alabama road trip. Well, I turned it into a table. My neighbor, Mike, has a really nice wood shop at his house and we banged this out in a weekend. Four coats of satin poly later and it was done. I ordered some hairpin legs, attached them, and boom! Table.

Here is the wood in my Camero I drove through several states: